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To get your program started with TokenTap, create an account by clicking on the button below or Click Here to Get Started. You will be prompted to create a new Administrator's account at 

After creating your new Administrator's account at, you will now be in area of our site.

Finally, go into the tab labeled 'Account' and click on the TokenTap link in the Reward Program box. It will automatically log you into your TokenTap program.

If you need any help getting started, just give us a call or send us an email. 
QUICK GUIDE to TOKEN REWARDS & TOKEN TAP is an online student store environment where students can purchase rewards with tokens they earn in their school’s program. Usage of this platform is free and displays the school’s name and the school’s token prices when students log in. is our easy to use mobile and desktop application to manage all token activity, student profiles, and administrator/teacher activity. It also helps administrators manage their school’s online student store at, its inventory, and all student purchases. Usage of this platform is free. 

Program Set Up 
We assist in setting up school programs by importing all students from a spreadsheet or text delimited format and then classing students into groups determined by the school’s administrator. We also import all teachers and any other school employees if they are requested. Individual students and teachers may be added at any time throughout the year by a school’s store administrator and there is no limit to the amount of teachers and students that can be added. We will use the school’s AR database export file or PBIS database export file to batch import student names and lunch IDs. 

Student and Teacher Log-In IDs 
Students log into using their school lunch ID and they may set a password to protect it. Teachers use their email address and password protect their accounts. 

Token Distribution 
Tokens are unlimited and do not cost anything to award and deposit. 

Warehousing and Fulfillment Options 
Token Rewards offers three options to fulfill student orders and to warehouse merchandise offered in the school’s store. 

1. Complete Turnkey Service 
Token Rewards warehouses all products and does all the processing of student orders by bagging each order and tagging it with the student’s name and his/her homeroom class. Orders are then delivered monthly to the school for easy distribution to students. A shipping fee of 10% is applied to all orders shipped. 

2. Monthly Fulfillment 
Token Rewards warehouses all products and ships monthly to the school all products purchased in the store by students during that month. Each product’s container/box is labeled with its name and a picture. The school is responsible for processing each student's order for distribution. A 20% discount is applied to invoices and a flat shipping rate of $10 is charged. 

3. Bulk Ordering 
Schools may purchase in bulk Token Rewards merchandise they select to warehouse and fulfill at their location. 
The school prepares all student orders to distribute. Savings of 15% - 50% varies on merchandise depending on the quantity ordered per item. Shipping is determined by weight and USPS, FedEx, or UPS rates are applied with no handling fees added. 
Bulk ordering may be used in conjunction with the Monthly Fulfillment option #2. Student packing slips identify which warehouse to locate the item (Token Rewards Inventory or School Inventory) and the quantity purchased. 

Return Policy 
All merchandise damaged in shipping or not functioning properly upon receipt may be returned for full credit on the next invoice. 

Clients are requested to pay upon receipt for inventory and student orders as shipped. 

Usage is free for our abundant and easy to use application, TokenTap, and our exciting web based store platform, TokenRewards. There is no charge per student or administrator, and there is no limit or fee associated with awarding tokens. There is no fulfillment or service fee. School’s are only required to pay for merchandise shipped to them along with a small shipping fee. 

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