Recognition & Rewards Program Application
TokenTap provides an array of online tools to successfully operate any size recognition and reward program whether it's a small 5 student program, an entire school, or even the whole school district with 10,000 students in K-12. 
While some clients enjoy using all our features, some use it just to award and store (bank) tokens. We leave it up to you to choose the tools that best fit your program and its size.  And of course, we're always here to help when you need guidance.

Here's a quick video glance below of what you can expect from us.
"Our teachers LOVED the process and said it is so much easier than writing checks and recording deposits. THANKS!!"
Kristel Callahan   |    Sylvan Learning Center Director of Butte, MT    |   Jan 5, 2021

"It's so easy and my students love the rewards!"  
Meredith Sellers   |   German Teacher Reicher High School   |   Feb 11, 2021​​​​​​​
Within the application you can:
 Teachers - add as many teachers as you want.
 Students - add all students in your program or school.
 Tokens - award unlimited digital tokens.
 Token Value - set how many tokens equal $1 in your program and change it at any time.
 Deposits - immediate token entry into student wallets so there's no waiting.
 Wallets - every student receives their own virtual wallet (aka bank) and access to it.
 Achievement Goals - publish individual and group goals.
 Communications - email students and their parents when tokens are awarded and let students contact you.
 Rewards - 300+ exciting rewards ranging from 50 cents to $200. 
 Custom Rewards - create and offer rewards unique to your program that you want to supply.
Built In Resources:
Online STUDENT Store - select the rewards you want displayed to students along with your token prices.
WALLETS - view student balances and activity and reasons for earning the tokens.
Reports - see how much has been awarded, when, who, and to whom.

How Do I Award Tokens?
While logged into  your account at, you can award tokens with just a click of the mouse or a simple tap on your phone or tablet. We make it easy to award one student or a list of students with one click. We also make it simple to add an encouraging comment as to why they received their tokens. 

Can My Entire Staff Award Tokens?
Yes! You determine who can award tokens and the students they can award them to. You may also limit how much they can award. While you're logged into, you simply send an invite to the teacher's email address and our prompts instruct them on how to get started within your program.  

What does it cost to get started?
Right now during COVID-19, Token Tap is free to use. The only cost incurred is for rewards students purchase and the cost to ship them. 

What are the prices for rewards?
Token Rewards' merchandise offered in the student store is priced at the same prices you would pay at Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Dollar General. 

How much is shipping?
We charge you the exact amount in shipping that USPS, UPS, and FedEx charges us and nothing more. 
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