High Variety. Low Prices. Great Quality. 
At Token Rewards, we offer an extremely large variety of toys, crafts, sporting goods, electronics, new trends, and more. We keep prices low for immediate gratification and have some great high end items for the super savers. 
All items we offer are safe, non-violent, non-offensive, as well as being school and parent approved. We also partner with high quality manufacturers so our clients' participants are receiving the best of the best. 

We Listen & Do Our Homework
Everyday we know what is selling in our clients' stores and what is not. And everyday we receive direct feedback from their students about what items they want to see in their stores. Because we listen to their students and monitor everyone's inventory, we know exactly what kids and teens want to buy with their tokens. This is why we are so good at what we do and ace the test every time we showcase and deliver rewards. 

Our Product Testers
Everyone at Token Rewards plays a huge part in selecting the exciting rewards we add to our product lines everyday. When new samples arrive, our warehouse workers to our IT developers take turns playing with the toys and tossing them around. They let us know right away if it's fun. Our fashion items, room decor and electronics samples go home to our employee's children to see if the new items are heroes or zeros. And of course, the sporting goods get our whole team together to see if the new soccer balls will withstand some monster power kicks from Mike, our super packer. 
Our point is we love what we do and we do it because it's fun. We also do it because it's so rewarding for us to hear the awesome feedback we receive from students who work so hard to achieve the rewards we provide. That accomplishment alone makes it all so worth the hard work we put into our service everyday for you and your students.
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